Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Four R's : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rebuy

Rebuy - is one rule we try to abide by while decorating for our new arrival, SB2(Spooda Baby 2). We actually received the crib from our old landlord, who used it only for one of her twin grandsons, twice a week. So it was basically new. It was actually SB1's first crib, but we got him a "new" one on great resource for REBUY-ING). The mattress came with the "new" crib, it is in great condition, not one blemish. Ideally, we would like to have an all natural mattress, however, it is not budget friendly for our growing family. 

The antique dresser is my favorite find, a craigslist score! It is really well made and very deep, not so easy to find these days. This piece will serve as SB2's changing table. The bedding set was purchased on Ebay, again Rebuy-ing. The bassinet was another craigslist find for our first SB, he used it, and now SB2 will too.

We did splurge for our little one with; one 100% organic cotton crib sheet in white and one 100% bamboo crib sheet in pink. I love the bamboo crib sheets, SB1 has 2 of them, they were purchased at 

This room will also serve as a guest room, so we kept the full size bed that we had in the room originally and tried to make it look like more of a day bed - for lounging when we don't have guests!

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Christy said...

Nice blog. I your philosophy,reduce,reuse,recycle and rebuy. The pictures and graphics are great. You misspelled splurge.