Tuesday, April 8, 2008

weekend projects.... CHECK!

Finally got to some of those projects that have been on my list, I don't know how long they have been on there. It feels good to cross stuff off, especially before this Friday, as my schedule will be a little different from that point on... for the rest of my life. ; )

1. toy box - We had the toy box, (Ikea) it was unfinished and we had the unfinished wooden letters, my wonderful husband had the idea of combining the two. I think it turned out just great. Our little SB1 uses the top for puzzles and other play. Now the colors tie in with his room!
2. recover desk chair - As you can see in my previous entry this chair was covered with some sort of pink fabric and upon closer view it was also covered in some sort of black animal hair. It was really old and gross. I took a crib sheet that we haven't used and recovered it. It too now fits in with the rooms color theme.
3. french memo board - I made use of some things lying around the house and had this hanging with in 45 minuets. Old cork board, and again, another unused crib sheet, ribbon from my collection, and buttons that were just sitting in the bottom of my sewing box. Voilà
4.  fabric wall - I couldn't take looking at the plain wall behind SB2's dresser anymore. I had rem-nits of cream and black toile fabric that I used for a project many many moons ago. To my surprise I had exactly enough for the closet "back splash"!
5. closet curtains - A project I have been putting off for months. Probably the one I am most proud of, since it involved my sewing machine. I think my husband was as shocked to see it come out of hiding too. You can see the curtains "before" in a previous post. I had bought them with the intention of adding coordinating fabric (like in SB1's room, kindly made by my sewing mentor. You can see her beautiful works @ lundendesigns.blogspot.com). Anyway, I am really happy with the way they came out and now, most importantly, they look like they belong in her room.
6. decorative shelving - Thanks again to my hubby! The shelves look great!



Lunden said...

You are amazing! I can't believe you did all this wonderful stuff and are 9 months pregnant. You are setting the bar pretty high, my friend.

yacoob said...

The shelving looks great! Oh wow your concept in making Shelvingis really good and the posture which it can give no other shelving can give.