Friday, June 6, 2008

Looking to the future...

At 30, with two children, this August I am going to be taking my first class in 10 years, YIKES! Chemistry of all things??!! I am pursuing a career as an RN and will be in school for the next two years. I know a lot of strong women have done this and I am hoping to join that list.

I am really excited to begin this adventure. I must get all A's to ensure my acceptance into the clinical part of the program. No pressure!! haahaa! I will try keep updates of my progress. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

I am so grateful to have support from friends and family. I definitely couldn't do this without my hubby, who is basically changing his entire work schedule around so I can do this. I can't wait to have this positive experience and share it with my family!

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bettyninja said...

Hey congrats to you to pursuing RN course work! I recently went back to school for speech language pathology too- very overwhelming, but at the same time very satisfying to actually head towards the direction I have been yearning for.

Anyway, came over via the comment you posted at Common Threads. Thanks for the link- great idea too. Someone could actually do a block from inside a treehouse! Neat.